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Focus on women: feeling well during the menopause

Amidst the confusion that surrounds the details of certain aspects of female life, women are often faced with several obstacles along their path towards well-being and...

It is time to Change

It is time to totally change direction, as one era has finished and we have to replace it, but we have no idea what with...The speed of changes that have taken place and are...

Focus on immune defenses: immune system, zinc and melatonin act together.

Evidence found in the thymus. In 1994, Professor Pierpaoli - who has always studied the changes linked to aging - conducted a study together with the researchers Mocchegiani,...

Focus on immune defenses: melatonin as an immunoregulator

Research by Professor Pierpaoli has proved that it regulates the immune response. A recent study has hypothesized the implications of melatonin in COVID-19 cases.Some studies...

Seasonal Affective Disorders

Tips to cope well with the change of season. we forgot that we are animals rotating around the sun and that  day-night cyclicity has seasonal variations producing changes of...

Melatonin and eyes! The magic of light.

My experience.I have been dealing with the retina, sight and eyes since 1960, even before I graduated in medicine. This organ has always fascinated me deeply, and I was lucky...

Melatonin Zinc-Selenium and elderly people

Taking one or two 1-mg tablets at bedtime (10-12 PM) in the evening breaks the vicious circle of metabolic aging and resets nerve and hormone centres by resynchronizing hormonal...

The pioneers of the PNEI

The great story behind a photo In ancient times when it was still thought that our body was divided into pieces that did not communicate with each other, a group of brave young...

The paralysis of medicine, cap.III

Transferrins.The period of transferrin discovery is worthy of a legendary book of its own. I limit myself here to summing up over 25 years of hard work and experiments that,...

The paralysis of medicine, cap.II

TRH, the life-creating moleculeIn 1989, together with my collaborator, Changxian Yi, I was assessing whether or not the action of melatonin could be mediated by the thyroid...


and Health

synchronization and health

«Understanding the importance of staying adapted to and synchronized with the rhythms of the Cosmos is the first step towards protecting our health and longevity.»


The basis of good health is maintaining balance in all the body’s functions that are under the control of the pineal gland.

This balance is inextricably linked to the periodic nature of day/night circadian rhythms and seasonal changes.

Maintaining the daily cycle variations of the earth’s rotation around the sun in the planet system is essential for synchronizing hormonal and the entire body’s rhythms with Nature.

Maintaining synchronization with the universal rotational system means maintaining good health.



We believe in a free, people-focused, direct and open communication model, and we work to lend a voice to high-value, truthful information.

We promote the knowledge and results of basic and medical biological research, with particular reference to research carried out in the field of psycho-neuro-endocrinology, immunology and hematology.

We distribute publications, articles and studies, in order to offer scientific and humanistic knowledge based on a passion for research.

Cultura Pierpaoli is people-based. They are at the center of our commitment and the recipients of our knowledge.



We are a Culture Foundation.
The value that we base our work on is interest in humans, in a perspective of new humanism.

We believe in safeguarding health as a fundamental human right and a collective interest.
We lend value to scientific research, carried out with passion and able to make tangible intuitions that can be turned into an advantage for everyone.

We undertake to globally disseminate the results of fifty years of scientific research and clinical application, pursuing principles of freedom, autonomy and independence of intellectual and technical judgment.

We work in support of people’s health.


The topics on the Cultura Pierpaoli website.

Important topics for entering into and understanding the principles that Dr Walter Pierpaoli considers to be essential for a widespread Health Culture.


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