Health Culture: Resynchronization

About Resynchronization


«Desynchronization is a biological alteration of the organism that is caused by the non-alignment with circadian rhythms that leads to a number of problems linked to the alteration in the rhythm of correct hormone secretion.»


Resynchronization is a fundamental concept in the several years of research carried out by Professor Walter Pierpaoli. Today’s lifestyle leads us to live in stressful conditions, and there are many environmental factors that can have an impact on our biological integrity.

Resynchronization is the process that acts on the neuroendocrine and immunologic axis to realign the body with the alternating day/night circadian rhythms. The concept of resynchronization is the central topic in Pierpaoli’s research.

It is the result of an investigation conducted for over fifty years by Professor Walter Pierpaoli. Professor Pierpaoli has spent years of research and clinical application to answer the question “why do we age?” The research has identified the pineal gland as the clock of life, a repository program of the information that marks the various stages of life.

“The maintaining of a biological-metabolic balance in every living being, mammals included, is inextricably linked to the day/night circadian rhythms and the seasonal variations that affect reproduction in most biotypes.”

Resynchronization, the earth’s and hormonal cycles

«There is an internal rhythm that is linked to the constant rotation movement of the earth and moon.»


Planetary rhythms determine the synthesis and circadian secretion of hypothalamus and pituitary hormones, a consideration that Professor Pierpaoli reached after several years’ observations. There is an internal rhythm that is linked to the constant rotation movement of the earth and moon.


«Everything in the cosmos is rotational and totally synchronized, from atoms to the galaxies! Every cell in our body follows a strict day/night circadian cycle, lunar and seasonal cycle.»


«Synthesis and hormonal secretion are closely interdependent and each hormone is synthesized and secreted in relation to this rotationality. Diseases are the expression of interhormonal desynchronization. Maintaining a close hormonal inter-synchronization through interventions that aim to prevent and maintain this synchronicity is the foundation of our prevention and cure interventions for degenerative diseases.»