The unsolved mystery. Socio-economic, ethical and medical aspects

synchronization and health
On average women live, in every country and at every latitude, several years longer than men.  The fact seems obvious, but in reality, there is no convincing scientific explanation for this praiseworthy phenomenon. That which is even more unexplainable if we bear in mind that women are responsible for extremely strenuous tasks and duties that, over the last ten years of “emancipation” they have become even more exacerbated, therefore, at least in Western society, women in the poor or even poorest categories, but also “middle class” women, have taken on tasks and strenuous daily responsibilities that force them, from early in the morning to late at night, to alternate between work, their husband or partner, children, home, kitchen and all else, often with agonizing financial problems.

Therefore, I am amazed, first as a son and then as husband and father, to see how women, consciously and consenting to their destiny, accept the immense physical and psychological strains as if, and here lies the enigma, this painful and strenuous fate was written in the stars and not in the foolish laws of men (males of course)!

Hence, I believe that women must necessarily have a higher psychological and physical resistance to endure so much hardship and anguish. Of course, I am not referring to the few privileged women who, using their physical beauty or their money, as is often the case in the United States, have created a comfortable nest that keeps them cunningly warm. Therefore, during the evolution of the human species, and here I express only my personal opinion as a doctor and researcher of interdisciplinary science founded by me and which is now called “neuroimmunomodulation” (NIM) or “psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology (PNEI), women have acquired an average lifespan that is longer than that of men simply because their natural selection has been much harder than that of men!

They have been subjected to everything, they have survived childbirth, infections, abuse and starvation, all types of humiliation and often a state of physical and social slavery, and have, therefore, acquired “in the field” a greater hormonal and immune resistance, which now translates, after millennia if not millions of years of balancing and “survival of the fittest and most clever”, in an average lifespan longer than that of men. Thus, debunking the absurd rumors, women have earned the medal of longevity!

This is also deduced in the wonderful USA bestseller of my dear friend and well-known American anthropologist and humanist Ashley Montagu: “The Natural Superiority of Women”.


However, the question that now arises is: but was it worth it, given that history repeats itself and women continue to be victims of males, even if they outlive them? My vision of the future of women is expressed in a chapter of a book written with Pippo Zappulla and soon to be published “120 e passa, di media”. The chapter is called: “Un mondo al femminile” (a woman’s world).

However, I would like to summarize here my thoughts on the topic to be discussed, namely the prevention of women’s diseases. I have very clear ideas. I believe that the basis of most women’s diseases is based on the social and family conditions of women, forced from birth to death into a role that often determines, even unconsciously, very serious psychological distress that inevitably translates into somatic diseases such as autoimmune, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. These imbalances are always recorded by an observant and well-read doctor, who digs into the woman’s past and present.

Women, as beings that are different from men, almost always translate the psychological distress of difficult family and social situations into illness.  As a doctor I now see on a daily basis how the imbalance produced by the daily erosion of the psychic equilibrium translates into typical diseases for women, almost always misunderstood and almost never cured at their root, which is the transfer of trauma and psychological distress to the body.

Here are just a few examples: the discovery of breast lumps (often harmless), disturbances of menstrual flow and rhythm, the appearance of fibrous or cystic formations in the uterus and appendages, the state of psychic prostration and depression, are only the expression of the damage produced to the hormonal balance, which belongs to the rhythm regulatory centers located in the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal gland! This central imbalance results in both the alteration of hormonal rhythms and, consequently, of immunological rhythms, with the appearance of frequent disturbances of the immune system in the form of autoimmune diseases, i.e. thyroiditis, lupus and a decreased resistance to bacterial and viral infections. In fact, for those who do not know, natural immunity is completely under the control of hormonal rhythms! For example, it is with great surprise that I have noticed that many women suffer from hypothyroidism that is simply ignored with the sentence “it’s all normal”. This was very obvious in our recent clinical trials conducted in women that were in perimenopause (aged 42 to 62 years) that were published in a prestigious international scientific journal.

I summarize stating that vast majority of women’s diseases must be attributed to psychological-hormonal factors and that the consequent preventive treatment should not be carried out using psychiatric, anti-anxiety medications and tranquillizers, and much less hormones or ill-fated antibiotics, but rather in the central rebalancing of rhythms, using recent discoveries and without using neither drugs nor hormones, among which I mention the ubiquitous and deadly killer, cortisone.  Therefore, real prevention is making women aware of their strength and dignity, finally giving women the right primary function and social freedom, free them from the web of male prejudices and selfishness, and, therefore, project them into the New World that can’t but “belong to women”! Over the long journey that unfortunately still awaits women, I call their attention to the remedies already available with discoveries published in the most accredited medical journals, and which make central neuroendocrine and immune rebalancing possible, making the prevention of women’s diseases and even their total regression, an acquired fact! With this I pay tribute to who put me into this world and raised me with true love asking for no rewards.

Dr. Walter Pierpaoli

synchronization and health