Amidst the confusion that surrounds the details of certain aspects of female life, women are often faced with several obstacles along their path towards well-being and satisfaction. Being aware is the first step towards overcoming them.


“I wish for a complete change in the lifestyle of women, who I am extremely fond of, so they can recover their capacity to love, to feel good, to feel feelings and to be satisfied”. Walter Pierpaoli


Professor Pierpaoli wishes to contribute to improving women’s lives through the diffusion of information that can help to maintain their biological and psychophysical integrity over time.

Melatonin and the menopause: the results of a clinical trial


In 2001, Professor Pierpaoli conducted a clinical trialon a group of perimenopausal and menopausal women that involved the evening administration of melatonin.

The results were surprising, but are still not well known.


It emerged from the trial that melatonin taken in the evening products several beneficial effects.

96% of the women saw a reduction of characteristic menopausal-related issues such as hot flushes and morning depression. 

Many women maintained or even improved their blood fertility values. Some of them even saw a return of their menstrual cycle. 

A totally unexpected improvement in thyroid activity also emerged.


Menopause and aging


Menopause is clear sign of aging, as Professor Pierpaoli has stated several times.

During the 50 years of his scientific research, it has emerged that aging is a process activated by the pineal gland, which regulates all of life’s stages.

However aging can be slowed down and sometimes even reversible.

When the pineal gland ages, melatonin production decreases  and this leads to a desynchronization of the organism, which then speeds up aging.

Taking melatonin helps our biological clock, the pineal gland, to stay young. 


Applying the research to humans certainly takes long time, but as the professor says, there are many positive findings: many elderly women already take melatonin all the time and stay in shape.


Professor Pierpaoli’s speech at the American Conference on the Menopause


Professor Pierpaoli addresses all women who have suffered from menopause-related issues even for a long time.


“ I want to greet you and tell you to bear in mind that we have the intention to work on creating a better world for women, and, of course, for the poor men behind them. Thank you and make the most of life!!” Walter Pierpaoli


These are the final words of his speech at the online conference organized by the Californian website WisePause Lifestyle held on September 12th. The video will soon be available on our channels.

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