It is time to totally change direction, as one era has finished and we have to replace it, but we have no idea what with…

synchronization and health
The speed of changes that have taken place and are still taking place is so great that it is beyond us, as we actually have no idea what is happening, both globally and in each nation, who is in charge and what they think they know. There are changes that go beyond human intentions, therefore we have no reference point. However, in the end, it is our health and how to stay healthy throughout life that is important. I have always thought this, and I find nothing more interesting than maintaining a balance between body and mind. We have this fragile body, exposed to everything, that does what it can. I have dedicated my research to it and I have finally managed to understand some of the initial biological and molecular mechanisms by which the body works, that nature created through evolution and allow us to maintain this balance. We work honestly, proposing important things for health and trying to improve our attempts to rebuild biological integrity, starting from the basis, That is the pineal gland, that we have luckily managed to obtain experimental scientific evidence of to prove how this approach can allow us to control health. We are trying to find an accompaniment, to perceive, understand and accompany the current unavoidable historical changes (that nobody can stop!), a way to communicate what we believe to be essential, to avoid becoming victims of change and instead to control them. That is why the Cultura Pierpaoli project began.

Walter Pierpaoli