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The effects of taking melatonin

The effects of taking melatonin
«I began the decisive experiment in 1985, which had by then be widely documented and replicated […] thanks to which I reached the conclusion that night-time administration of melatonin actually lengthened the life of mice

W. Pierpaoli

Melatonin is an indole molecule that acts as a hormonal synchroniser, and can positively affect our state of health, bringing about a better quality of life. The results found during the experiments conducted on rodents have shown a direct correlation with the upkeep of a strong, healthy immune system.


Professor Pierpaoli’s commitment to research, and also studies by other researchers, have highlighted a gradual restoration of the circadian hormonal rhythms of youth, that can be attributed to taking melatonin. Mental and somatic health was also found to be improved and returned to the levels of youth on all the parameters measured.

Restoration of circadian hormonal rhythms of youth


«Disease is nothing other than the manifest consequence of a chronic change in hormonal rhythms..»

W. Pierpaoli

Taking melatonin in the evening creates a night-time melatonin peak that induces the signal of the night-time melatonin peak message of youth. Studies carried out by Professor Walter Pierpaoli examined a direct link between the exogenous taking of melatonin and the pineal gland’s health. It is, therefore, appropriate to interpret the advantage of taking melatonin in this perspective: the state of rest that the pineal gland can benefit from by taking melatonin in the evening, causes the Melatonin as bioenergetic message vehiclegland’s aging process to slow down.

Melatonin does not carry out any direct action on cells and tissue, but help to keep the pineal gland young. Therefore, by preserving the pineal gland’s function, melatonin can protect the entire system from aging.

Melatonin as bioenergetic message vehicle

bioenergetic message

«Melatonin guides cells to do everything required to keep the body working like a highly efficient wheel, as it is

W. Pierpaoli

Being Melatonin a pleiotropic molecule, it can bring about several effects. This suggests that the melatonin action is not only chemical, biochemical and receptory.

One interpretation, based on experiments and clinical observations, that can explain the numerous beneficial effects of melatonin on all organs and on their respective functions.

The results of studies achieved over the years would suggest that the mechanism is based on its structure as an essential bioenergetic message vehicle.