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Professor Walter Pierpaoli’s books

Professor Pierpaoli is the author of many educational books. The first, “The Melatonin Miracle”, is a book that tells the fascinating story of the discovery of the biological clock in the pineal gland. Published in 1995, it soon became a worldwide bestseller, translated into fifteen countries. The books that Walter Pierpaoli has continued to write, alone or with the collaboration of other experts. They are still a vehicle of transparent, truthful information in the realm of the studies that the professor has explored for over fifty years. Popularizing the results of the research that can improve human life is still one of the cornerstones that inspire our philosophy.

W. Pierpaoli, W. Regelson, C. Colman.
New York, Simon & Shuster, 1995

The Melatonin Miracle

“A revolutionary medical breakthrough suggests that aging is actually a preventable disease and the results of two key scientists at the center of this pioneering research are now being published for the first time.
For centuries, scientists have worked to try and identify and reverse the cause of aging, and now that effort has achieved a breakthrough in identifying the “aging clock” in the the pineal gland. The authors, Doctor Pierpaoli and Doctor Regelson – explain how melatonin, the pineal gland’s messenger, must be used to restore our biological clocks, in order to live longer, healthier lives.
Rather than being a promise of seeming younger, The Melatonin Miracle tells us how to become younger. All we need to to to “go back in time” is simply to restore the melatonin levels of our youth. By readjusting our “clocks”, we can actually slow down the aging process, and also strengthen our immune system, thus increasing our resistance to disease and even prolonging our sexual vitality.
Practical, informative and engaging, The Melatonin Miracle also address other research that suggests that melatonin is a safe sleep agent, that does not create dependency, lowers cholesterol and helps to alleviate stress”.

W. Pierpaoli.
Perugia, Morlacchi, 2015

Dr. Pierpaoli’s Medical Handbook – Vademecum 2015

The discovery of Health and the Health Hamlet

“Over the last fifty or sixty years, man has invented the most ridiculous medical treatments imaginable. Such treatments have been based on the idea that man-made molecules, although completely foreign to the body (and therefore discarded by nature) are able not only to alleviate symptoms but even to bring about healing! This idea persists for two reasons: the first is profit at all costs (especially when it comes to the perpetuation of chronic diseases of all kinds). The second is a total ignorance of the etiology of disease; why it starts and what causes it, along with decay, aging and death.
I would like to address all those doctors who may wish to abandon the pernicious world of drugs and join me in the conviction that nature is our best teacher; and that nature’s secrets are so incredibly simple that they remain a mystery”

W. Pierpaoli.
Perugia, Morlacchi, 2007

The key of life

The Reversal Of Aging With Melatonin

“Is it really possible to reverse aging and restore youth?The answer lies in the health conditions of thousand of patients who, by arresting the aging process thanks to melatonin, are regenerated to a new life, forgetting the flow of time.Melatonin is a molecule with an immense bio-energetic power. It is produced at night by the pineal gland, which is located in the center of our brain. With advancing age the production of this substance decreases and our body interprets this decrease as an order to age.The restoration of the juvenile night levels of melatonin helps us to open a new road towards a freedom, which until now was unthinkable. It moves us nearer to that God that we were not aware was in us.”