Our story: Training

Training courses on interhormonal resynchronization

In 2014, after some positive results in the clinical application of the therapeutic method he had elaborated, Professor Pierpaoli decided that it was time to do something to provide an answer to the growing request for health from the public, to provide continuity in patient therapy,to dedicate himself to his research, and complete some of the chapters that were still unfinished.

INTERBION Foundation

The INTERBION Foundation for basic biomedical research founded in 1980 by Professor Walter Pierpaoli, based in Riazzino, in the Ticino Canton (Switzerland) works on basic biological and medical research, in particular in the field of neuroendocrinology, immunology, hematology and anti-aging. It looks at the study and application in the clinical field of natural molecules and formulas that are useful for rebalancing the immune system, the neuroendocrine and interhormonal system. It operates in Italy and overseas.

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