Our story: Prof. Walter Pierpaoli

Walter’s Health tips

Instructions, considerations, suggestions, philosophical reflections, warnings and advice on the simple, economic and scientific maintenance of health: reread them from time to time!

Taken from book: “L’uomo senza Età”.

synchronization and health

The planetary cyclicity of our body.

Our body is similar to a Sea Holothuria, made up of a thin and delicate envelope or “rubber bag” filled with water and packed with all types of tubes, small tubes, capillaries, canals (lymphatic and blood vessels, respiratory, digestive and excretory, urogenital pathways, etc.). This “bag of water” constantly vibrates to the rhythmic waves of cosmic and planetary signals, generators of life (light, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ions, magnetism, gravity, etc.). The central change (brain), progressive and programmed, of the reactivity of the “bag of water” and its adaptability to “rhythmic waves” is equivalent to aging. The neuroimmunomodulation, hence, reversal of the brain’s program “grow-procreate-grow old-die” in the pineal gland, is able to stop and reverse aging! The endogenous molecules able to maintain the flexibility and the vibrational capacity of the “bag of water” and its “canals” are already at our disposal.

synchronization and health

Sleep where it is pitch black

Sleep in the dark, blocking out light as much as possible. Avoid all types of night light, especially light shining directly on your eyes or sudden glares. If necessary, keep a faint indirect red soft light on, whose wavelength does not inhibit the pineal gland.

These rules are especially important for infants!

The effects of continuous artificial light at night, especially for growing children, is devastating! It creates all types of irreversible pathologies! The same applies to nightclubs with violent and dazzling lights, source of many diseases. Your retina is always connected to the brain and reports abnormal messages that alter the optical centers. These are connected to the pituitary gland and endocrine glands. Therefore, hormonal rhythms are altered and, consequently, also immunity, which depends totally on these rhythms. Excessive lighting is part of the environmental devastation over the last 50 years.

synchronization and health

Only drink pure water!

Avoid getting used to drinking any type of sweetened beverage with or without dyes, stabilizers, anti-fermentative and sweeteners in boxes or bottles, of any nature and origin and from any source, unless it is pasteurized fruit juices or extracts, although these may contain anti-parasitic chemicals used in agriculture and which are not generally removed by washing peel and rinds. Make fresh squeezed fruit juices or smoothies at home, after thoroughly cleaning the fruit, including citrus fruit (skin contaminated with very toxic substances). Yellow or pink grapefruit is highly recommended for its antibacterial properties. Avoid any kind of canned fruit and ready-made “fruit salads”.

synchronization and health

Walk barefoot

When possible, walk barefoot on land, grass, the beach and even at home. Avoid over-covering your legs with heavy pants. Lower limbs, feet and hands have to perceive body temperature and excessive winter protection changes the development and maintenance of the temperature control centers of the brain and the skin. Get your feet used to the roughness of the ground. Do it at home as well! The soles of the feet are very important for the stimulation of the rest of the body and brain, as well as to maintain an efficient temperature control. These exercises can also be done in winter! Get children to appreciate the natural pleasure of feeling the ground under the soles of their feet!

synchronization and health

Skin exposed to all bad weather

Remember the proverb, coined by myself: “he who has been  scratched  a  lot,  has  been  saved  over the centuries!”.  The skin, in fact, is directly connected, by means of the central and peripheral nervous system, to the bone marrow, which constitutes a kind of “morphostasis brain” (maintaining the body’s biological and physical integrity) controlling the whole immune system.

The skin needs continuous stimuli and therefore the small wounds, abrasions, cuts and grazes occurring in humans in contact with natural elements have always contributed to maintaining and reinforcing immune capacity. So the constant, exaggerated protection of the skin’s surface from natural external elements such as temperature, humidity, contact with the ground and various surfaces, which have always been common in past millennia,  prevents  the  natural  stimulus  for  regeneration  and alters immunity. So use your skin and your hands, expose them to bad weather, get children used to all types and categories of external agents. Always give your skin the chance to commune with Nature.

synchronization and health

Keep yourself clean with soap and water only

Avoid constantly using cosmetics, strange soaps, lotions, sunscreens, emollients, toners, hair gels, and any type of useless cosmetic product advertised by manufacturers and traders. Use neutral creams only if extremely necessary. Skin is an organ with a natural protection that is altered in its regenerative and immune defenses by a thoughtless use of all kinds of chemicals. A bar of Marseille soap is enough for all your personal hygiene! Do not protect your skin from bad weather, heat, cold, contact with the earth, or water. Direct skin contact with the external environment strengthens immunity. This is especially true for children and young people. Skin should not be protected but, on the contrary, must be constantly “at risk” of scratches, abrasions, small wounds.

synchronization and health

Keep your pineal gland cool.

Massage your pineal gland

The pineal gland, located in the centre of the brain, is the “third eye” which, through its connection with the eyes via the optic nerves, maintains the day and night-time (circadian)  hormone  rhythm  and  cycles  as well as seasonal rhythms and is fundamental for thermostatic temperature control, that is, the strict control of body temperature. Your pineal gland does not appreciate heat (heating of the brain in the sun, in overheated environments, or with a cellphone pinned to the ear for hours) or direct, strong light  in  the  eyes. If  you  constantly  alter  its  temperature  or stimulate it violently during the day or night (in a discotheque, for example), you will develop serious diseases and you will inevitably accelerate its ageing.

When you get up in the morning, make sure you are exposed, in the bathroom and during breakfast, to strong, cheerful ambient “solar-type” lighting – ask an electrical equipment specialist for an appropriate light- source: it should not be neon tubes. In any case avoid light that is very strong and directed into the eyes. The head and the back of the neck should remain cool through frequent bathing and showers, in particular in summer and in warm or poorly-ventilated environments. This is extremely important for elderly people and children.

synchronization and health

Ovaries warm, testicles cool

To maintain the integrity, efficiency and operation of the genital glands and their essential functions, such as cyclic ovulation and spermatogenesis, we must be aware of an essential factor that is often ignored. The sexual organs must be free. Above all, one should remember that Nature wants the ovaries and sexual parts of the woman to be kept at a warm, even hot, temperature, while the testicles in the scrotum are“external”, in direct contact with the skin, and they need to remain cool. Perfect testicular function needs the man’s testicles to be kept at ambient temperature. In the evolution of the human species, the ovaries have always required warmth, while the testicles have always been kept cool.

So keep your sexual organs free from obstructions dictated by fashion, and at the right temperature.

synchronization and health

Sea and seawater always

Life originates in the sea and the sea is the source of life. Our blood serum, in fact, still has the same ionic (mineral) composition as seawater today. Clean, crystal-clear seawater perfumed with algae and iodine – rare nowadays – is still an irreplaceable element for recovery and maintenance of health. Immerse yourself whenever possible in the sea, in any sea and in any season, and if the water is pure, let the salt remain on your skin for a long time.

If seawater is not available, have long, warm baths, dissolving unrefined sea salt (not rock salt) in the bathtub and, if you have any available, softening dried seaweed in the salt water. Do not rinse yourself immediately but leave the film of salt and seaweed on the skin as long as possible before having a shower with freshwater.

synchronization and health

Do not sweeten your premature death with sugar.

Refined sugars are a real poison for the metabolism and do not form part of our biological legacy. Once upon a time there was honey, ripe fruit rich in fructose and other natural, sweet components of herbs and plants. Today, however, sugar is almost a drug for many people, to the extent that they are or are becoming dependent on it.

You should realize that in order to “burn” the excess sugar swallowed with ice-creams, cakes and all the rest, the pancreas has to produce large quantities of insulin and for many people this requirement over time establishes a vicious cycle in which the tissues become more and more insensitive to insulin, so that this imbalance translates into alimentary hyperglycaemia (Type 2 diabetes).

Enjoy a delicious ice-cream, a slice of cake and a good dessert at the end of a meal, but not every day, at every meal and at all hours! Make sure your pancreas also knows the right rhythms for meals in order to produce insulin, to maintain a normal glycaemic level without overdoing things every day to keep you alive. Your pancreas is your daily life-saver!

synchronization and health

A raised temperature is a friend, but it must be evaluated wisely and without panic

In  the  great  majority  of  cases  a  moderate rise   in   temperature   has   very   beneficial and lasting effects.

I am not talking about “hyperpyrexia” over 40°C, but about the continuous temperature that occurs when the aim is to keep viruses and bacteria under control and to promote, with the increased energy available, an effective, rapid immune response in the form of production of antibodies and activation of T- lymphocytes, in the various forms able to neutralize viruses and  bacteria  with  various  mechanisms.  A  raised  temperature also changes our mental state since it alters the brain’s oxidative metabolism and our perception of the world inside and outside ourselves. Unfortunately, we talk very little and a lot of nonsense about  thermostatic temperature control, a  basic  mechanism  of homeothermic organisms  –  the  group  that  humans  belong to.

The raising of body temperature, if maintained within acceptable levels (37-39°C), has beneficial effects not only on the body (immunization) but also on the psyche. I am, of course, referring to fevers caused by infective agents and not to other serious diseases where a continuous fever is a signal that threatens to alter the central nervous system. It is particularly important to remember that infants and children often have a fragile and capricious thermostatic temperature control due to many factors but also, and especially, to the fact that the growing organism (“growth fever”) has not yet established an efficient temperature control. So be careful: a raised temperature is often not our enemy, but our friend!

synchronization and health

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice in the beauty and harmony surrounding you.

Try to reflect on the moments, hours and days of joy during your childhood and on how they have been taken away from you! The joy that emerges like an explosive force in you is a vibration that does not originate in the cerebral cortex and in “rationality”, which is a form of dementia that reduces the world around you and what you

perceive but do not see. The real source of cosmic, ineffable joy comes from the ancient brain – what is known as the hippocampus. Live joyfully on what you are offered each day and refuse the squalor of rationality. Be yourselves and have the courage to show it. Learn to laugh from the heart, and split your sides with laughter. This is a sublime art.

synchronization and health

Learn to live in solitude and to love it.

You will never be alone.

We are born alone and die alone. But you are actually never alone! The whole Universe is with you if you learn to live in solitude. Learn to love solitude; it is the only true, unique and sincere companion in your life. Look upwards to the starry sky and lose yourself in the astral silence.

Do not be afraid to be alone; you never will be! You are immersed in the warmth of the Cosmos which you are part of. Anxiety arises only from the fear of solitude. Anxiety about living and the existential vacuum are the very consequence of wanting to entrust your Ego to others. Your Ego is a part of the Whole and it is immortal like every one of your thoughts. Nothing should be lost of what was there before and what is now or comes after.

The emancipation of affective dependences does not mean repudiating affections, but on the contrary, developing the ability to love without possessing, and to feel that everything in Creation is ours, as Saint Francis of Assisi did. He did not live in solitude, but in the cheerful company of the Cosmos.